Miele PDR 300 SmartBiz Heat Tumble Dryer (7kg)

The heat-pump dryers feature a spacious drum volume of 120 liters, accommodating a load size of up to 7 kilograms. With a high-quality stainless steel fascia and Miele honeycomb drum, they ensure durability and efficient drying performance. These dryers come ready for connection, including a mains plug, making installation hassle-free. They also offer the option for space-saving installation as a washer-dryer stack, optimizing your laundry area. The enamelled casing, in an elegant Lotus white powder-coated finish, adds a touch of style to your laundry space while maintaining durability.
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  • Construction type and design:
    • Construction type: Front-loader, stackable
    • Range: SmartBiz
    • Front color: Lotus white
    • Load in kg: 7.0
    • Drum volume in l: 120.00
    • Drying system: Heat pump
    • Door opening [Ø] in mm: 370
    • Door opening angle in degrees: 167
    • Door hinge: Left
    • Stainless steel honeycomb drum: Yes
  • Application/ Suitable for:
    • the hotel and catering industry
    • small businesses
    • universities, nurseries, and schools
    • sports clubs
    • beauty salons, spas, and fitness centers
  • Dimensions and weight:
    • External dimensions, in mm: 850 (H) x 596 (W) x 636 (D)
    • External dimensions, gross in mm: 940 (H) x 660 (W) x 690 (D)
    • Net weight in kg: 56.5
    • Gross weight in kg: 60
    • Maximum floor loading in N: 920
  • Features:
    • Axial airflow: Yes
    • Fluff filter in the door: Yes
    • SmartBiz heat exchanger filter system: Yes
    • PerfectDry: Yes
    • SoftLift drum ribs: Yes
    • Gentle tumble function: Yes
    • Condensed water drainage: Yes
    • FragranceDos: Yes
    • Drum lighting: Yes
    • Machine-independent accessories: Yes
  • Efficiency and sustainability:
    • Energy efficiency class: A+++
    • Condensation efficiency class: A
    • Annual energy consumption in kWh: 152
    • Noise level in standard Cottons Normal program with full load in dB(a): 66
    • Duration in minutes in the standard program: 165
    • How it works: Condenser
    • Load in kg: 7.0
    • Contains fluorinated greenhouse gases: Yes
    • Hermetically sealed system: Yes
    • Coolant: R450A
    • Refrigerant quantity in kg: 0.31
    • Refrigerant global warming potential in kg CO2e: 605
    • Appliance global warming potential in kg CO2e: 188.00
  • Performance data:
    • Maximum evaporation capacity in l/hour: 1.68
    • Specific energy consumption in kWh/kg: 0.15
    • Specific energy consumption for mixed fiber fabrics/Normal drying program with residual moisture at 0.12
    • Program duration in min: 125
    • Program duration for mixed fiber fabrics/Normal drying program with residual moisture at 40%: 99
    • Tested operating hours: 15000
  • Controls:
    • Control system: DirectSensor 7-segment
    • User interface: Residual moisture controlled
    • Max. delay start in h: 24
    • Time left display: Yes
    • Fascia panel with plain text: Yes
  • Standard electrical connection:
    • Heating type: Heat pump
    • Electrical connection: 220-240V~ 50HZ
    • Electric heater rating in kW: 0.00
    • Total connected load in kW: 1.10
    • Fuse rating in A: 13

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Control Type Microprocessor
Drum Type Stainless Steel
Heating Type Heat Pump
Drum Capacity 7kg
Fit Type Freestanding