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Pristine Laundry

A concentrated laundry detergent to clean your washing.

This is a low alkaline and mild product that is based on surfactants, sequestrants and dispersants, with optical brightening agents to maintain colours.

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Polar Low
Temperature Destainer

A low temperature destainer that is effective at destaining and works at 40⸰C.

This allows communal items which are normally washed at 60 or 70⸰C to be washed at 40⸰C.

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Elite Laundry

Sanitise every wash load with this product. Conforms to BSEN1276.

Use in conjunction with Polar Destainer and wash red bags at 40⸰C as per HTM 01-04 (legislation for Foul and Infected washing in Care Homes).

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Infusion Superior

Encapsulated motion technology for a longer lasting fragrance & softness.

With Anti-Static and easy iron technology.

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