Miele PW 6163 Hygiene Washing Machine (16kg)

The PW 6163 Miele Hygiene washing machine is an electrically heated barrier machine specifically designed for retirement and care homes, as well as hospitals. With a drum volume of 160 liters, it can accommodate a load size of up to 16 kilograms. This versatile machine offers a wide variety of programmes, including a special disinfection programme, ensuring thorough cleanliness and hygiene. Thanks to the Miele honeycomb drum, it provides gentle care for laundry, minimizing wear and tear. Additionally, it boasts high efficiency with low water and energy consumption, contributing to cost-effective and sustainable operation.
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  • Construction type and design:
    • Construction type: Hygiene washing machine
    • Range: Professional
    • Front: Iron grey
    • Load ratio: 1:10
    • Load in kg: 16.0
    • Drum volume in l: 160
    • Door opening [W] in mm clean side: 352
    • Door opening [H] in mm clean side: 366
    • Door opening [W] in mm unclean side: 352
    • Door opening [H] in mm unclean side: 366
    • Door opening angle in degrees: 153
    • Maintenance-free motor with frequency converter
    • Honeycomb drum
  • Application/suitable for:
    • care homes / nursing homes
    • facility management
    • commercial laundries
    • fire brigades and rescue services
    • hospitals
  • Dimensions and weight:
    • External dimensions, in mm: 1718 (H) x 1153 (W) x 1070 (D)
    • External dimensions, gross in mm: 1800 (H) x 1310 (W) x 1138 (D)
    • Net weight in kg: 630.0
    • Gross weight in kg: 648
    • Maximum floor loading in N: 7479
  • Features:
    • Patented pre-spin
    • Cloth reprocessing
    • Imbalance monitoring
    • Temperature monitoring
    • Two indicator lights on the clean side
    • Automatic drum positioning and locking
    • Special heater element
    • Automatic load control+
    • Volumetric flow meter (optional)
    • Communication slot
    • Emergency switch-off
    • Machine-independent accessories
Product Dimensions 1718 (H) x 1153 (W) x 1070 (D) mm
Drum Capacity 16kg
Pump Type Gravity Drain