Miele PW 6080 Vario XL Commercial Washing Machine (9kg)

The Octoplus front loader is a versatile and reliable laundry machine with a range of features and applications. Its construction type and design, including the Octo blue front and 180-degree door opening angle, ensure convenience and accessibility. With a load ratio of 1:9 and a maintenance-free motor with a frequency converter, it offers efficient and hassle-free operation. The machine is suitable for various settings such as hotels, residential homes, hospitals, and small businesses. It comes with useful features like imbalance monitoring, disinfection rinse, temperature monitoring, and automatic load control. With machine-independent accessories and a communication slot, the Octoplus front loader provides flexibility and adaptability for different laundry needs.
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Construction type and design:

  • Construction type: Front loader
  • Range: Octoplus
  • Front: Octo blue
  • Load ratio: 1:9
  • Load size: 9kg
  • Door opening angle in degrees: 180
  • Door hinge: Right
  • Maintenance-free motor with frequency converter
  • Honeycomb drum

Application/suitable for:

  • the hotel and catering industry
  • care / nursing homes
  • launderettes
  • residential homes and apartments
  • dry cleaners
  • commercial laundries
  • fire brigades and rescue services
  • universities, nurseries, and schools
  • hospitals
  • camp sites
  • sports clubs
  • Suitable for beauty salons, spas, and fitness centres


  • Imbalance monitoring
  • Disinfection rinse
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Special heater element
  • Automatic load control
  • Flow meter
  • Communication slot
  • Machine-independent accessories
Product Dimensions 1020 (H) x 700 (W) x 727 (W) mm
Spin Type High Spin
Drum Capacity 9kg
Pump Type Drain Pump Fitted