Miele PDR 511 SL Commercial Heat Pump Tumble Dryer (11kg)

The PDR 511 SL COP HP Miele Tumble Dryer is a heat-pump dryer designed with efficiency in mind. With its SlimLine construction and time control feature, it is suitable for various settings, including those with a payment system and 400 V power supply. Key features include: Drum volume of 200.00 liters, accommodating a load size of 11.0 kg. Its slim design, measuring only 711 mm wide, allows for easy installation in tight spaces. The dryer is easy to move, providing direct access underneath for convenience. Thanks to its diagonal air flow, the dryer offers shorter cycles, optimizing drying efficiency and reducing waiting time
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Construction type and design:

  • Construction type: SlimLine
  • Range: Professional
  • Front: Iron grey
  • Load in kg: 11.0
  • Load size with a load ratio of 1:23: 8.0
  • Load size with a load ratio of 1:18: 11.0
  • Load ratio: 1:18
  • Drum volume in l: 200.00
  • Drying system: Heat pump
  • Door opening [Ø] in mm: 520
  • Door opening angle in degrees: 180
  • Door hinge: Left
  • Stainless steel drum: Yes
  • Stainless steel honeycomb drum: No

Dimensions and weight:

  • External dimensions, in mm: 
  • External dimensions, gross in mm: 1810 (H) x 800 (W) x 1180 (D) 
  • Net weight in kg: 192.7
  • Gross weight in kg: 213
  • Maximum floor loading in N: 2052


  • Intelligent drum reversal: Yes
  • Large-surface fluff filter: Yes
  • SoftLift drum ribs: Yes
  • Retractable plinth: Yes
  • Communication slot: Yes
  • Machine-independent accessories: Yes
Product Dimensions 1800 (H) x 711 (W) x 1075 (D) mm
Heating Type Heat Pump
Drum Capacity 11kg