Gram Gastro F 2207 CSG A DL/DL/DL/DR C2 Freezer Counter

The 2207 CSH A DL/DR C2 Freezer Counter is a versatile solution from the GASTRO 07 series. It features a stainless steel solid top and 4 door sections with 2 stainless shelves each. With a gross volume of 668 liters and a height of 905mm, it offers ample storage capacity. The GASTRO 07 series provides refrigerated and freezer counters that can be used as an island suite or placed against a wall. They are available with 2, 3, or 4 refrigerated sections and offer various worktop options, including saladette worktops with or without splashback. The cabinet is made of stainless steel both externally and internally, ensuring durability and hygiene. Additionally, it can be equipped with a gantry and offers flexibility in terms of door and drawer sets. Counters with internal compressors also have the option for electric elevation to adjust the working height.
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  • Product: 2207 CSH A DL/DR C2 - Freezer Counter
  • Equipped with stainless steel solid top
  • 4 door sections, each with 2 stainless shelves
  • Material: Exterior / Interior - Stainless / Stainless
  • Gross Volume: 668 ltr
  • Height: 905mm
  • The GASTRO 07 series offers 1/1 GN refrigerated and freezer counters
  • Can be used as an island suite or placed against a wall
  • Can be placed under an existing worktop if necessary
  • Available with 2, 3, or 4 refrigerated sections
  • Range includes flat and saladette worktops with or without splashback
  • Saladette worktops available with insulated or acrylic lids
  • Cabinet available with insulation board only (without worktop)
  • Gantry is an optional extra
  • Each refrigerated section available with door and drawer sets, with or without locks
  • Each section also offered with 2 grey wire baskets instead of shelves
  • Internal and external surfaces made of stainless steel
  • Cabinet height is 750mm + chosen legs/castors
  • Worktop depth is 700mm
  • Counters with internal compressor available with electric elevation for flexible working height from 850 to 1050mm
Product Dimensions 905 (H) x2163 (W) x 700 (D) mm