Girbau HS Logi Washing Machine HS6013 (13kg)

The Logi and Inteli versions of laundry machines are available in two different capacities and three different heating options. The capacity options up to 19kg catering to different laundry load sizes, while the heating options of electric, hot water, and steam provide different energy-efficient and consistent heating options. Consider the laundry load size and heating needs when choosing the right Logi or Inteli version of a laundry machine for your business or industrial needs.
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  • Capacity 14kg (1/9): 13kg (1/10)
  • Logi, Inteli,  versions
  • Electric, hot water and steam heating
  • Diam.of drum 620 mm
  • Drum volume 126dm3
  • Dimensions 1325x796x887mm




The key factors to your business

  • High speed industrial spin washing machines (up to 1,000 rpm).
  • 100% free standing (no need for any kind of anchoring).
  • A quality washing process optimising water, energy and chemical products.
  • A saving in the drying process due to its spin factor of over 350 to 400 G.
  • Wide-ranging possibilities with an easy and intuitive programming (see controls).
  • Reduced maintenance.
  • Controls:



  • 8 configurable programs.
  • Up to 9 phases per program.
  • 4 water levels that can be selected.
  • Connection to an external dosing system.
  • Failure check and alarm messages.
  • Test program.
  • Rinse Hold crease-guard mode stop (in the final phase only).
  • Starting-up at the desired time.
  • Gradual cool-down (in the wash phase only).


  • 99 configurable programs. 20 standard + 79 free.
  • Unlimited number of phases.
  • 6 water levels can be selected.
  • Connection to an external dosing system.
  • Adjustable length of dosing signal.
  • Simultaneous dosing of four products.
  • Failure check and alarm messages. Test program.
  • Option of manually adjusting parameters during washing.
  • Smart Load. Automatic load detection and proportional consumption of water and/or detergent.
  • Programmable gradual heating and cooling.
  • Rinse Hold crease-guard mode stop.
  • Start-up at the desired time.
  • Individual total cycle and program counter.
  • Programmable wash parameters.
  • Wash speed.
  • Spin speed.
  • Spin time in seconds or minutes.
  • 5 levels of adjustable mechanical action.
  • Memory card.
  • IMTX
Product Dimensions 685 x 700 1080 mm
Drum Type Stainless Steel
Spin Type High Spin
Drum Capacity 13kg
Fit Type Freestanding