Electrolux 727740 Blast Chiller/Freezer

Introducing our advanced Blast Chiller Freezer, featuring a high-resolution full touch screen interface for multilingual control. With a load capacity of 100 kg for chilling and 70 kg for freezing, it accommodates 10 GN 2/1 or 600x400 mm trays and up to 36 ice cream basins. The OptiFlow air distribution system with 7 fan speed levels ensures optimal performance. Choose from Automatic, Programs, Manual, and Specialistic Cycles for versatile operation. Benefit from intelligent remaining time estimation, automatic/manual defrosting and drying, and a USB port for data download. This stainless steel unit with internal rounded corners houses a built-in refrigeration system using R452a gas, delivering professional-grade efficiency.
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• High resolution full touch screen interface with multilingual support.

• Rapid Blast Chilling cycle: 100 kg from +90°C to +3°C in less than 90 minutes.

• Efficient Blast Freezing cycle: 70 kg from 90ºC to -18ºC in under four hours. • Chilling cycle with automatic presets: Soft chilling (0°C) and Hard chilling (-20°C).

• X-Freeze cycle for blast freezing various food types. • Lite-Hot cycle for gentle heating preparations.

• Automatic and Manual holding modes for energy-saving maintenance.

• Turbo cooling for continuous production.

• Automatic mode with 10 food families and over 100 pre-installed variants.

• Programs mode for storing up to 1000 customizable programs.

• MultiTimer function for managing multiple chilling cycles simultaneously.

• OptiFlow air distribution system with 7 fan speed levels for even temperature control.

• 3-point and optional 6-point multi-sensor core temperature probes.

• Customizable cycles, AI-based remaining time estimation, defrosting, and drying.

• SkyDuo connectivity for synchronized cook&chill process (optional accessory).

• USB port for data transfer and connectivity readiness for remote access and HACCP monitoring (optional accessory).

• Training materials accessible via QR-Code scanning.

• Consumption visualization, versatile internal structure, and performance guaranteed at ambient temperatures up to +43°C (Climatic class 5).

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Product Dimensions 1730 (H) x 1250 (W) x 1092 (D) mm