Electrolux 727730 Skyline Blast Chiller/Freezer

The Blast Chiller Freezer revolutionizes the world of food preservation with its advanced features and intuitive interface.With a load capacity of 30 kg for chilling and freezing, it delivers exceptional performance. The OptiFlow air distribution system, featuring 7 fan speed levels, ensures optimal results. Whether you choose from automatic presets, create custom programs, or utilize specialized cycles, such as Cruise chilling or Sous-Vide chilling, this appliance caters to every need. Additional functionalities like MultiTimer, Make-it-Mine customization, and connectivity options further enhance its capabilities. With its durable stainless steel construction, rounded corners, and built-in refrigeration unit, the Blast Chiller Freezer is the ultimate solution for professional food preservation.
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Main Features

  • Max load capacity: 30 kg
  • Trays type: 600x400; GN 1/1; Ice Cream
  • Door hinges: Right Side
  • External dimensions:
    • Width: 897 mm 
    • Height: 1060 mm
    • Depth: 937 mm
  • Net weight: 175 kg
  • Shipping weight: 205 kg
  • Shipping volume: 1.28 m³


  • Blast chiller freezer with high-resolution full touch screen interface, available in multiple languages.
  • Designed to accommodate 6 GN 1/1 or 600x400 mm trays, or up to 9 ice cream basins.
  • Load capacity: 30 kg for both chilling and freezing.
  • Features the OptiFlow air distribution system with 7 fan speed levels for maximum performance.
  • Offers various modes including Automatic (with 10 food families and 100+ pre-installed variants), Programs (storage of up to 1000 programs organized in 16 categories), Manual (with specific chilling, freezing, holding, turbo cooling, and lite hot cycles), and Specialistic Cycles (for specialized applications like Cruise chilling, proving, fast thawing, etc.).
  • Special functions include MultiTimer chilling/freezing, Make-it-Mine customization for the interface, SkyHub customization for the homepage, agenda MyPlanner, and SkyDuo connection to SkyLine ovens.
  • Utilizes artificial intelligence techniques (ARTE 2.0) to estimate remaining time for probe-driven cycles.
  • Offers automatic and manual defrosting and drying capabilities.
  • Includes a USB port for downloading HACCP data, programs, and settings, and has connectivity readiness.
  • Equipped with a 3-point multi-sensor core temperature probe.
  • Constructed with stainless steel throughout and features internal rounded corners.
  • Built-in refrigeration unit using R452a refrigerant gas.
  • Performance guaranteed even at ambient temperatures up to +43°C (Climatic class 5).
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Product Dimensions 897 (H) x 1060 (H) x 937 (D) mm