Electrolux 710113 Counter Fridge

The main features of this appliance include its suitability for tropical conditions with an ambient temperature of up to 43°C. It is designed for use in environments with temperatures up to 40°C. The digital control panel allows for easy and precise temperature adjustments. The operating temperature can be set between -2 and +10 °C to accommodate various food storage requirements. It meets international certification standards and carries the CE mark. Additional features include self-closing doors, automatic defrosting and evaporation of defrost water, a forced air cooling system for temperature uniformity, and hygienic design with removable components for easy cleaning. Optional accessories such as kit drawers are available for added convenience.
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Main Features

• Tropicalized unit (43°C ambient temperature).

• This appliance is intended for use in ambient temperatures up to 40°C.

• Digital control panel allowing the easy and precise setting and control of the internal temperature.

• Operating temperature can be adjusted from -2 to +10 °C to suit different food storage requirements.

• Complies with main international certification bodies and is CE marked

• Kit 1/2 drawers available as accessory.

• The door self-closes when opened less than at a 90° angle and is equipped with a door seal to guarantee perfect closure.

• Completely automatic defrosting and automatic evaporation of defrost water by hot gas.

• Forced air cooling system guaranteeing great uniformity of the temperature in the counter and excellent conservation of the food quality.

• High standards of hygiene and ease of cleaning are guaranteed by the rounded internal corners of the cabinet and easily removable runners and grids.

• Kit 1/3 drawers available as accessory.


• Built-in compressor to suit operating conditions.

• CFC and HCFC free. • Legs in 304 AISI stainless steel (150 mm high, adjustable in height), with plastic interior.

• Internal and external structure, bottom, doors, front and side panels, base and 50mm thick removable worktop in stainless steel.

• Back panel in galvanized steel.

Product Dimensions 850mm (H) x 1699 (W) x 700 (D)