Soap & Detergents

When using auto-dosing, it's much easier to get great laundry results every time. The system takes away all the guesswork involved in making sure you use just the right amounts of products during a cycle. With no need to calculate how many pumps of soap or tablespoons of fabric softener, you don't. Auto dosing is here to take the pressure off.

 Auto dosing is a process that involves an automatic device connected to your washing machine. It works by measuring the amount of detergent and softener needed for each wash load and then automatically adds them into the washer at the precise time they are needed.


  • Not only helps your employees save time and money but also ensures a higher quality of results with less waste.
  • Eliminates any user error from manual dosing, providing peace of mind for staff members who don’t have to handle hazardous substances.
  • Gives you the consistency that allows you to be confident in the results you are getting every time.