School Laundry Equipment

GA Commercial: Smart solutions for education laundry facilities

Our advanced range of commercial-grade washers and dryers are specifically designed for the demands of school and university washing facilities. With a large choice of machine functionalities and a minimum 12-month warranty on all our products, GA Commercial is here to meet your every requirement.

Bespoke Selection

Choose from our wide range of commercial washing machine sizes and designs, including top-loading, front-loading and stackable models. With functionalities such as coin-operated machines, we’ve got your school or university’s specific laundry needs covered.


Opt for our advanced energy-efficient washing machines or tumble dryers to improve your educational facility’s environmental impact while saving you money.

Trusted Suppliers

With a commitment to providing excellent customer service and an expert team to take care of installation, maintenance and repairs, you can be confident that your school or university’s washing facilities are in good hands.

School & Education Laundry Equipment Specialists - GA Commercial