How to Stack a Washer and Dryer

Published: 12-03-2024

Save space with a stacked washing machine and tumble dryer

If you’re looking for a compact laundry solution, a stackable washer and dryer can save a lot of space.

While you may be tempted to stack any washer and dryer, stacking laundry appliances that aren’t meant for this purpose can be unstable, and doing so could even void their warranty.

That’s why we recommend looking for a washing machine and tumble dryer set specifically for stacking.

How to stack a washing machine and tumble dryer

Once you’ve purchased a stacked washer and dryer that will fit your space, it’s time to position them.

Read the manufacturer’s instructions before stacking your appliances. Your washer and dryer may come with a stacking kit to help you install them properly.

  1. Install your washer. Put your washer into your desired position close to the wall while allowing space for cords and vents. Be aware that washing machines are heavier when filled with water so should be on the bottom while dryers should be placed on top.
  2. Place the dryer on the washer. With someone to assist you, bend your knees and squat while putting your hands underneath the dryer before lifting it carefully onto the washing machine. Use your legs to lift the weight rather than your back.
  3. Connect your washer and dryer. If your stacked washer and dryer come with an attachment to connect them, use this once the dryer is positioned correctly on top of the washer.
  4. Attach the hoses and air vent. Once your stacked washer and dryer are connected, attach the water hoses to the back of the washer and air vents to the back of the dryer. If your laundry equipment requires a gas line, you can also attach this now.
  5. Plug in your appliances. Connect the electrical plugs from your washer and dryer to the wall.
  6. Push your appliances into place. Once all cables are attached, push your washer and dryer into your desired final position. Leave around 2-3 inches of space between your appliances and the wall.

Once your stacked washer and dryer are in place, run them on empty and observe them for any rocking or swaying. If either appliance looks unstable, you may need to manoeuvre them to ensure they’re level.

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