How to install a commercial fridge and freezer

Published: 11-04-2024

Do you want to install a commercial fridge or freezer for your hospitality business but not sure how?

Before you get started installing your commercial fridge or freezer, there are first a few things you should consider, such as:

  • What size is the appliance I want to install?
  • How much space do I have available?
  • Where are my available power sockets?
  • Where should I install my commercial fridge or freezer?
  • Would an integrated fridge freezer better suit my needs?

Once you’ve chosen your preferred appliance and decided where it should go, it’s time to install it!

Read on for our simple guide on how to install your commercial fridge or freezer.

How to install a commercial fridge or freezer

Installing a commercial fridge or freezer should be handled with careful planning and execution. Always follow your appliance’s installation manual and seek professional assistance to ensure correct and safe installation.

1. Assess the Space. Before installing your commercial fridge or freezer, assess the space where you plan to install it, ensuring that you have the correct electrical connections and that there's enough room for the appliance to fit while allowing proper ventilation.

2. Prepare the Installation Area. Once you’ve chosen the space for your appliance to go, clear the designated area of any debris or obstacles.

3. Position the Appliance. You can now move your commercial fridge or freezer into your chosen spot. Check at this stage that the unit is level, is not obstructing the area or any other appliances, and has sufficient ventilation. You can refer to the appliance’s user manual for its specific ventilation requirements.

4. Connect the Power. Once positioned, introduce power to your appliance by connecting it to your electrical supply. Always follow safety protocols and, if in doubt, consult a professional to handle your electrical tasks.

5. Secure the Appliance. Using appropriate tools and the manufacturer’s instructions, secure the commercial fridge or freezer to its designated location and fix it securely.

6. Test the Appliance. Before you start using your commercial fridge or freezer, plug it in to test that it cools effectively and that all components are working correctly. You should also inspect for any loose connections or potential hazards.

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How to install a commercial integrated fridge freezer?

If you haven’t purchased a fridge or freezer unit yet, it may be worth considering an integrated commercial fridge freezer instead.

What is an integrated commercial fridge freezer?

Unlike a standalone fridge or freezer, an integrated fridge freezer combines a fridge and freezer into one unit, offering a practical space-saving solution for busy kitchens.

While you can take the same steps to install your integrated fridge freezer as a standalone unit, you should always follow the guidance of your integrated unit’s manual for its specific installation requirements and seek a professional for any tasks you aren’t confident to undertake yourself.

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