How to Clean a Commercial Tumble Dryer

Published: 24-05-2024

Commercial tumble dryers are used for drying and refreshing large quantities of towels, linens and fabrics in busy environments such as laundromats and hospitals. It’s therefore essential that these machines are cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure optimal function and longevity.

Keep your laundry equipment working at its best by following our simple guide on how to clean a commercial tumble dryer.

Before you clean your commercial tumble dryer

Ensure your dryer is switched off at the wall and that any fabrics have been removed from the drum.

Be aware that some components of your commercial tumble dryer may need to be cleaned more often than others, so make a note of when each area should be cleaned using our guidance below or the machine’s maintenance instructions to help you.

Clear vent ducts (every 6-12 months)

Commercial tumble dryers have vents that should be cleaned every 6-12 months depending on usage to prevent blockages and debris buildup.

Cleaning your commercial tumble dryer’s ducts and vents is essential to meet risk assessment standards and allow proper ventilation throughout your machine, which will help it function efficiently and prevent wear and tear.

To clear your commercial dryer’s vent ducts:

  1. Make space between the dryer and the wall to access the vent ducts.
  2. Unscrew any vent clamps or remove the tape that attaches the vent to the back of the dryer.
  3. Use your hands, a vent cleaning tool or a vacuum hose to clean inside the dryer vent duct. Remove large pieces of lint first before using a dryer cleaning brush to remove any remaining lint from the vent. The vacuum hose attachment can then be used to collect lint or dust trapped in small areas.
  4. Once clean, reattach the vent to the back of your dryer using the clamps or tape.

Clean drum and cabinet (weekly)

The cabinet and internal drum of your commercial tumble dryer can be cleaned weekly to keep them fresh and free of residue.

  1. Use a soft cloth with a non-abrasive cleaning product or a solution of white vinegar and water.
  2. Wipe the cloth over the drum, cabinet and inside of the door.
  3. Once you’ve cleaned the internal areas of your commercial tumble dryer, dry the drum by tumbling a load of clean laundry or leave the drum and cabinet open and allow to air dry.

Remove debris from lint trap (after every use)

To clean your tumble dryer’s lint trap, take it out of the dryer and carefully remove any lint with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner attachment. Once you’re satisfied that the link trap is clean, reinsert it back into its housing inside the dryer.

Regular removal of lint from your commercial tumble dryer’s lint trap will prevent fire risks and ensure your machine works as efficiently as possible.

Wipe down exterior (as required)

Once the interior of your commercial tumble dryer is clean, it’s a good opportunity to clean the machine’s exterior.

Use a damp cloth and a mild detergent or white vinegar and water solution to wipe down exterior surfaces, paying close attention to areas where dust or residue can accumulate such as the control panel and door handle.

Service and repair

Alongside regular cleaning of your commercial tumble dryer, make sure your machine also undergoes regular servicing and maintenance to keep it in perfect working order.

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