How to best machine wash towels

Published: 07-07-2024

What is the best way to wash towels?

No one enjoys the feeling of rough, scratchy towels. So, what is the secret to keeping towels soft and fluffy like the day you had them?

There is no single way to maintain towels. Instead, it relies on a variety of factors.

Why do my towels lose their fluffiness?

Excessive residue from laundry detergents can cause towels to stiffen and become coarse. To counteract this, try adding baking soda to your wash or brushing the towels to remove the dried-on detergent and separate the threads again.

How to get fluffy towels?

  • Control your detergent usage: Excessive detergent use is making your towels stiff and coarse, so monitoring the amount is essential. Here at GA, all our machines can be equipped with auto-dosing technology, making your job easier. Auto-dosing means the math is done for you, and the quantity of detergent is measured in accordance with the weight of the laundry load. This system saves you money on your energy bills and detergent shopping.

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  • Check your machine settings. Delicate cycles are better for maintaining a towel’s softness. Don’t over dry towels to prevent them from stiffening and avoid harsh processes that risk damaging fabric fibres.
  • Used specialised detergents and fabric softeners: Fabric conditioners for towels can keep towels soft for years of use. These specialised conditioners can help keep the towel fibre soft whilst removing dirt and oils.

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  • Store towels properly: Make sure all your towels are completely dry before being folded and stored away; however, avoid overcrowding towels as this can compress the fibres, reducing the fluffiness. Finally keep towels in a well-ventilated, moisture-free environment to best preserve them.

What temperature should I be washing my towels on?

Firstly, you should always wash towels with warm, not hot, water. Hot water can lead to yellowing and fabric damage. Cotton towels react especially badly to high heat levels; cotton fibres flatten out and become hard to the touch. An ideal temperature is around 30-40ºC, which will preserve the softness of your towels' fibres whilst ridding them of dirt and bacteria.

Why commercial washing machines are better for towels

Along with the benefit of auto-dosing, commercial washing machines are the better option as they use shorter cycles, making the towels last much longer.